Hi, I'm Sarah. 

As a graphic designer, hand-letterer, and photography enthusiast, I take delight in creating things.

In college, I thought design was the coolest, and experienced the impact that visuals had in this world. I wanted to use it to do BIG things, make a difference, to inspire, to challenge, and empower people. 

Through the years I have seen glimpses of this goal come to fruition, but have learned alot more about what it means to practically apply creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and well developed type skills to my everyday life and career.  I have grown a deep passion for all things visual, and believe that even the smallest of projects can make a difference in some way.

When I'm not creating, you may find me reading, drinking tea, dancing (without caring who sees), enjoying overcast days (the few we get on the central coast), and adventuring through the great outdoors with my spouse. 


If you're interested in talking about a project or simply saying hello, please get in touch!

E-MAIL: sarahegovea@gmail.com